Social change practice

Key questions: What can mindfulness training and practice offer to people who work to address social, economic and environmental challenges, such as activists, campaigners, community groups, aid workers and policy makers? How might courses be adapted to meet the needs of these audiences?

Some of the organisations and individuals exploring these questions, and offering courses specifically for those active in social, environmental, economic and political change are: 

The Ulex Project

Rachel Lilley, Aberystwyth University

Paula Haddock @ The Ulex Project

The East Bay Meditation Centre – Practice in Transformative Action programme

Courage of Care Coalition



Zen and the art of social movement maintenance – James Rowe (article)

The Idealist’s Survival Kit – book and website

Aid workers: coping with stress – can mindfulness help? – Jitendra Solanki (article)

Self-care for social workers: how mindfulness can help – Abigail Bryning (article)



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