We are a global community exploring the potential for secular mindfulness training and practice to contribute to more sustainable, caring and socially just societies. We share a common interest in how the human capacity for mindful awareness can contribute to effective responses to social, economic and environmental challenges; and how mindfulness practice, courses and communities need to be responsive to the social and political context of individual stress, wellbeing and change. Since 2014 we’ve been supporting each other through knowledge sharing, capacity building and collective inquiry. 


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Mindful social justice

Mindfulness can help us to discern, interrupt and transform power differentials and biases. By Beth Berila. First published in openDemocracy’s Transformation section. According to Ronald Purser, mindfulness can be transformative when it helps people “connect the dots between their personal…

The future of mindfulness

We need a new praxis of spiritual and political liberation that isn’t muted by the weak balm of self-improvement. By Ronald Purser. First published in openDemocracy’s Transformation section. “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the…