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Participants on a Ulex training. | Ulex Project. All rights reserved

If you’re wondering how you can learn more about social or socially engaged forms of mindfulness, this page provides a list of courses and workshops offered by some of our members. This will give you a sense of the range of work taking place around the world.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the individuals or organisations or find out more about their work, then click on the links which take you to their website or join the network.

This list includes activities from the recent past as well as those happening soon – it is meant to be more of ‘showcase’ for individuals and organisations than a current events calendar. Courses, workshops and retreats are categorised according to our network themes. Some activities cut across several themes – we have just grouped them in this way as a starting point. Due to the pandemic most of these courses are being offered online so Location refers to where the organiser is based.

If you would like to see your work listed, feel free to join the network.

Details of past events organised by the network itself for its members can be found here.

Social change practice

Mindfulness for social change7 day workshop in applying mindfulness to values and action for social and ecological justice. For individuals working with groups, communities and movements on social change.Catalunya, SpainThe Ulex Project
Practice in Transformative ActionA year long, secular mindfulness program to foster inner and outer change, for social change leaders, community workers, volunteers and activistsOakland, USEast Bay Meditation Center


Mindfulness and Active Hope8-week online course combining mindfulness practices and insights with The Work That Reconnects. What does it take to live through these challenging times of pandemic and climate change with resilience, clarity and open-hearted engagement?ScotlandLiving Mindfulness
Mindful consumingA 6-week programme of 2hr evening sessions, exploring how we can live lighter in terms of our carbon footprint, as well as increase our mindful awareness and compassionate responses to self and others, particularly in the face of the climate crisis. Nov 2020UKMindfulness Association
Engaged MindfulnessA weekend course (24/25 April 2021) inspired by the Work That Reconnects, weaving deep grounding and earth connecting mindfulness practices into the spiral shape of this work. The focus includes whatever the participant brings, ie environmental and/or social justice concerns.UKMindfulness Association

Diversity and inclusion

Mindfulness Based Inclusion TrainingA weekend course exploring social awareness and inclusion practices. Can function as CPD for mindfulness teachers.UKMindfulness Association and Urban Mindfulness Foundation
Missing Class – Raising awareness of class-based inequalityThis one-day experiential workshop provides the opportunity to raise class awareness and to explore, identify and address classism within the mindfulness/dharma/activist fields. We will: explore cultural beliefs about social class; explore class barriers; identify the conditions that maintain unfair advantage, limit accessibility or inhibit participation; build cross-class alliances.UKClear Seeing
Empowerment Annual Retreat 4-day annual retreat (1-4 July 2021) open to all mindfulness practitioners and teachers, with Rhonda Magee and Jamie Bristow. We also hold online monthly events for people of colour. For other events and retreats please see our website.UKMindfulness Network for People of Colour

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