Network events

We convene conferences, workshops, webinars and retreats that bring together Network members to share ideas and make connections.

Past events include:

Past webinars include:

  • How to build resilience among changemakers? Experiences and questions from Movement for Change – with Milla Gregor
  • Missing Class: strengthening the mindfulness movement by seeing class structures – with Colette Power
  • Young people, identity and citizenship – with Maureen O’Callaghan
  • Applying mindfulness to social work practice and self-care: enhancing social worker consciousness to support anti-oppressive practices – with Dr Alan Maddock and Dr Pearse McCusker
  • Doing the work of dismantling ‘whiteness’ – with Paula Haddock and Crystal Johnson
  • Mindfulness-based inclusion training – with Dean Francis and Aesha Francis
  • Sharing the learning from a Training for Change course – with Paula Haddock
  • Mindfulness, consumerism and sustainability: what are the links? – with Alison Armstrong
  • A mindful path to compassionate inclusion – with Byron Lee
  • Developing and leading a mindfulness for social change course: sharing the learning – with Paula Haddock
  • Mindfulness for social change: is it a quick fix, or transformational? And how would we know? – with Rachel Lilley

Other related events organised by Network members include:

  • Mindfulness in Public Discourse – 8th December 2018. This was a one day conference offered by SOAS University. Many of the speakers were network members.
  • Mindfulness: adaptations, ethics and impact, September 2016, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK (convened by Rachel Lilley)
  • Mindfulness on the Margins, July 2017, Emerson College, East Sussex, UK (convened by Steven Stanley and Meg-John Barker)

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