Organisations and communities

Key questions: What are the limitations of individualised approaches to wellbeing, and how can communities and workplaces be transformed to support the mindfulness and wellbeing of individuals? How can mindfulness practices help people build cohesive communities in their homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, cities and regions?



Mindfulness, behaviour change and decision making: an experimental trial – Pykett, Lilley, Whitehead, Howell and Jones (pdf)

The promise and perils of corporate mindfulness – Ron Purser and Zack Walsh (book chapter in Leadership Matters: finding voice, connection and meaning in the 21st century)

Mindfulness in the Workplace – Margaret Chapman-Clarke (ed) (book)

Reinventing organisations – Frederic Laloux (book)

Inside-Out: the mindfulness interventions as a model of community development – Donald McCown (draft book chapter)

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