Purpose and aims

Here’s a summary of our aims as a network which guide our activities:

Connect and inspire: to help people engaged in this area around the world to connect with each other, build creative relationships and feel part of a supportive and inspiring community;

Share and build: to enable the sharing of ideas, learning and resources; to constructively challenge each other and debate issues important to the network; and to harness collective wisdom, building an accessible body of knowledge on the theme of mindfulness and social change;

Collaborate and create: to catalyse collaborations within and beyond the network which create and strengthen mindful pathways towards social justice and environmental sustainability;

Encourage and embody: to support each other in embodying mindfulness and compassion, practising the collective values we share, and encouraging each other as we tackle the many challenges of working to address social and environmental issues.

The network is primarily a community of practice which encourages inquiry, debate and knowledge sharing around mindfulness and social change. As a collective of diverse individuals and organisations, we do not have unified ‘positions’ agreed by all members and, therefore, we are not a campaigning network. We create spaces for debate and advocate for spaces to be created within other settings; and we support and empower each other to develop and implement appropriate responses in different contexts.

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